Sunday, February 19, 2006


It is a time for new beginnings: exploratory actions with odds on that two days from now, the beginnings will become endings, even if they don't know it.

I have, once again, poured vodka into my keyboard. I feel very bad about this. The keyboard, however, does not appear to be suffering. This is a happy fact, but not a vagina happy fact. I'm not sure that I've ever actually seen a production of the Vagina Monologues, at least not one interrupted by sound and light checks that I've mostly been one of the people concerned about. This being indicative of my problems with theatre.

I'm an old 21. I've lived in Boston for 3.5 years. I already feel like Boston is changing for the worse. Like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones say, "Where has my city gone?" Except I admit, the city I knew is pretty much the city I know, just that the video stores keep closing. That is not cool. Especially City Video, which I loved, and did not get a chance to liberate a haul of old VHSs from. Granted I now live much closer to a movie theatre, and once I feel like seeing a movie concurrent with there being a movie in the Fenway AMC that I would go see, this will be nifty. I enjoy nifty, it's just rather sad that nifty is usually a state of mind rather than passing by on a silver platter.

Wah wah, cry me a river.

In school news I adore my classes, and have likely established myself as the class annoyance in at least one of them. I think just one of them. Am I slipping? No, but I may recover yet. Consensus media are my new obsession. The twinging confusion is the question: "In anthropology, where are the numbers?!?" I don't know! I've got as far as: anthropology is the study of people, and when you think you're doing anthropology you are studying culture (thus defining 'culture'). But it still all feels descriptive rather than predictive or like a tool for generalization, which does not make it a science under the definitions that sucked me to linguistics (and currently, to comparative media studies) like a purist drunk to a bottle of vodka. (I being merely an admitted lush, still browse (and often make purchases from) the wine aisles before picking up my vodka handle.)

Most recently have watched City of God and Central Station, as director of former is going to be a guest of MIT and guest speaker in one of my classes this week. Cory Doctorow was last week's, which is either cool or pathetic, depending on what you think of him, or what I think of the 'class discussion' we had, which was so centered on Disneyland that I'm still processing. I did go to Disneyland. I liked Alcatraz better. And yet, I was dragged off Alcatraz after a brief headphone guided tour and a trip to the gift shop, and Disney land and Universal Studios received both more money and more time. My life often annoys me.


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